2014 Ford Fusion Hybrid Stability Control lights

Hello friends,

So my Ford Fusion hybrid has 110k miles on it. My wife was driving it today when the stability control lights both came on. I attempted to turn traction control on as it was showing off. The system won’t allow it to turn on. I hooked up my trusty obd scanner but no codes are being thrown. Nothing, nada. The wife said no noise happened, nothing out of the ordinary. I drove it after the fact and everything seemed fine, minus those 2 lights on the dash.

What, if any, ideas do you have? What should I examine and trouble shoot?

Thanks as always!

Most common problem is one of the wheel speed sensors is bad. You need forscan to read the ABS codes. https://forscan.org/home.html

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Most code readers only read P codes from the engine control. This car has set a C code, or chassis error code. As @wolyrobb points out, you need a more comprehensive reader.

Forscan can do that and more. The PC version is free but requires a laptop and the proper $50 cable. The website shows you which one to buy. I use both the cell phone version and PC version.

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Thinking about it… if the ABS light is not on, I’d guess the yaw and acceleration sensor has a problem, not a wheelspeed sensor. A wheelspeed sensor would take out the ABS as well.

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There is also a phone app called OBDFusion that will probably read the code. It will require a separate OBD2 bluetooth dongle and you’d have to buy the app and a Ford-specific bundle of programming. The popular Torque app will not retrieve C-codes.

Any pros/cons on doing the pc version vs the phone one? Noticed 50 dollar difference in units but I use MACs so will have to use a Windows emulator to run the PC version.

If the phone version covers everything I might just spend the extra 50 and pay the 100 for the unit.

The PC version is more comprehensive but the phone app will read C codes.

I got these under ABS. Will have to do some research. But any early thoughts?

Went with the phone version for now. Posted a few pics of the ABS reading above. Not having much luck on the research front

That B300A code is telling you their is a broken wire from the ignition switch… or the BCM computer has failed which might be more likely

Everything I’m finding on BCM is related to alarm and keyless entry. Am I off track on this?

BCM where you recommend starting?