2015 Dodge Journey gas smell

My 2015 Dodge Journey has a very strong gas smell. What could it be? I do not have any money for repairs. Is it safe for my kids and me?

A car with a strong gas smell is never safe. If you don’t have any mone for car repairs, you can’t really afford a car.

Do you see gas anywhere on the ground or in the engine bay?

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When you fill up your tank and the pump shuts off…do you still try to get every dime into the tank you can.

If you do, stop this practice. You fill the evap system with raw fuel where it should be only drawing in the fumes from the tank. This results in saturating the charcoal canister with raw fuel and the canister will need to be replaced.

It is Ok to round up to the next dime, but don’t go more.


Is the Check Engine light on?

And by the way. you can’t pack the gas tank on an OBDII vehicle.

There’s a device in the gas tank called a roll-over/over-fueling valve.


I agree, harsh as it sounds, if you have no money for maintenance or repairs, you can’t afford a car. Sell it now while it has some value, because without maintenance, it will soon have zero value.

I can except the fact that you don’t have money for repair. But are there not Grand parents that would help so some catastrophe does not happen while your kids are in this vehicle. Or other relatives or friends?