2015 Dodge Grand Caravan valve noise

Has valve noise. Have been told it needs to have valve repair work done. Has anyone had this done.

What did the shop recommend? Valve lash adjustment often eliminates valve tapping noise. Is that what is recommended? If the fix is expensive, get at least three estimates in writing so that you can compare them.

Your Caravan came with a 5 year 100000 mile powertrain warranty, depending on what is making the noise, it could be covered.

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There’s bulletins for the transaxle pump and exhaust rattles. Make sure the sound you are hearing isn’t due to one of those first. A length of garden hose makes a pretty good engine stethoscope to isolate the source of sounds. Beyond that, valve noise can come from incorrect engine oil level, air trapped in the lash adjusters, collapsed or spongey lash adjusters, low oil pressure, plugged oil restrictor in the path to the cylinder head, worn valve guides, rocker arm or adjuster problem, cracked oil pump pickup allowing air into oil. Of course if the engine was ever run low on oil or it overheated, that could cause it too.

What kind of “valve work” was recommended to you?

Have you checked the engine oil level?

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