2015 Dodge Dart - Shifts into park

while driving while the car is in motion the car shifts from drive to park what would cause that?

So the car shifts to park and it skids to a stop?? That is what would happen if it really does go to park. Please reply with more explanation.

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It probably doesn’t really shift into park until the speed is close to zero MPH - but the indicator light might say Park. Does it have a shift lever and does the lever move without driver input?

We really need a much more lucid explanation of the problem.

hmmm … that’s a tough one. I don’t think we’ve heard of that problem here before. One possibility is the engine/transmission mounts are worn and that’s allowing enough movement in the engine compartment that a wire or linkage related to the gear selection process is being pinched or otherwise adversely affected. Does this symptom seem to be worse during turns, during stopping, during accelerations, bumpy roads, and not as bad when moving at a steady speed on smooth roads?