Drive to Park function

I was driving my 2008 Dodge Dakota about 20mph maybe more when I accidentally hit my keys in the ignition and turned my truck off. For some dumb reason I didn’t put it in neutral and just start it back up. I shifted all the way into park started the truck and had to stop the truck to get it out of park and back into drive. This is why I made this topic, to my surprise when I put my truck into park while rolling at 20mph, nothing happened, no grind no noise. It was basically if I was still in neutral. Why is this? Is there a safety feature or is my parking gear gone.

Modern transmissions try to save drivers from the dumb things they do. :wink:

I’m glad they thought about that, because I just threw that bad boy in park :joy: well I’m glad I didn’t break anything.

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Find a slight incline that your vehicle will roll while in neutral , stop and put it in park and if it does not roll then you will know the parking pawl still works.

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