2015 Chrysler 200 - New wheel hub, now transmission won’t shift

Had right wheel hub bearing replaced and transmission won’t shift and bas lights are on.

You need to get the error code(s) for the ABS system. If the hub was replaced by a shop, take it back to them.

The hub/bearing ass’y probably is involved in the wheel speed detecting function, needed for the abs and possibly for the transmission shift algorithm too. It’s possible the shop simply forgot to re-connect the sensor when they were done with the hub/bearing replacement. It’s also possible the thing the sensor senses (tone ring) got damaged in the repair process. And it is also possible the part they used is for non-abs brakes, so the wrong part.

The abs is an active system. The seal in the bearing has magnets built in. The new bearing has these magnets. The repair shop put a new sensor. I took it apart and the only thing I found was

the bolt were not tight holding the hub assy. and the brake caliper bracket. The sensor wire is plugged well.

It’s critical the sensor is spaced the correct distance to the magnet. If you can find the spec, suggest to double check that spacing is correct. It’s pretty unusual for the bolt holding the hub ass’y on to be loose, as well the wheel caliper bracket after a repair. It’s possible something got damaged by shifting around while driving the car with those bolts loose. Did the shop correct that problem and verify the bolts have the correct applied torque? Shops with the Chrysler scan tool or lab o’scope can verify the sensor is working by putting the car on a lift and turning the wheel by hand.

I suggest you never go back to the mechanic who did this work. Your life was in danger because all this was left loose. Probably why the errors were set as well.

Someone really screwed up on this repair.

That must have been some lunch break to forget to tighten the hub bearing bolts and the caliper bracket too.
I would avoid this shop in the future and find a more competent shop to do your future work.