2015 Chevrolet Impala - Side detection issue

Im having issues with the car malfunctioning because of the side detection sensor. Dealership is telling me that my power steering isn’t working due to the side detection sensor. Also that more parts on the car will shut down without it. This service is running me about 850 dollars total

as far as the side detection sensor I have found this. you are slightly past the date but maybe if you show it to the dealer they may make a exception. if not try calling the corporate office for help.

N172097060 Chevrolet Technical Service Bulletin (tsbsearch.com)

I am not sure how the side detection relates to the power steering but if you are having problems with your power steering you can check this out. it might be a simple fix.

. temp.xml (nhtsa.gov)

Also, assuming your vehicle is no longer under warranty, you can try an independent shop. They might give you a cheaper quote.

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