2015 Chevrolet Impala locks cycle rapidly

1 door locks cycle rapidly, vehicle in park running for several min. pressing lock/unlock does not stop and pressing lock/unlock on remote does not stop cycling. intermittent. 2 backing out of drive, turning or sometimes going straight from from stop makes grinding noise like abs cycling. intermittent flash in dash screen traction control/stability control makes a clunk noise and 1/2 2/3 shift seam harsh. 80,000 miles trans fld clean and red.

A bad BCM can cause that.


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Could be a loose wire or bad ground somewhere.

Or a twisted/broken wire bundle going thru door jamb.

do you have a sunroof?
some Chevy’s with sunroofs have issue with the sunroof drain coming off and water running down the door jamb. On the drivers side there is a ton of electronics that can get wet and act up.