2015 Chevrolet Camaro sometimes won’t start

sometimes car won`t start Chev says nothing wrong

Explain what you mean by “won’t start”. Do you hear the normal rrr rrr rrr cranking sound with key in “start” , but it won’t catch and run? Do you hear nothing at all? Do you hear nothing other than a click sound?

I presume you’ve taken your car to a Chevy dealership. Did it start ok for them? If so, does this problem occur more on cold engine starts?

The dealers mechanic now says it was a bad ground So we will see if it’s fixed

Definite possibility, esp if the problem was a no-crank. The starter motor requires a huge amount of current to be able to rotate the engine, 100 amps or more, probably more for your car. If resistance to ground is 0.1 ohm – considered a pretty good electrical connection in most cases — 100 amps going through 0.1 ohm would rob the starter motor of 10 of its required 12 volts. Hopefully problem is now resolved.

8 year old car… If it is driven in a snow-belt (rust belt!) state, that is very likely.

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