2015 Chevrolet Camaro - Can you give me some insight on knock sensor repairs?

Knock sensor replacement on Chevy Camaro is it costly to repair it how long does it take and how long can I drive with a bad sensor

Since your location is unknown - Don’t know if you are going to do this or have it done - Don’t know where you are going to get the part or have a shop provide it - None of those can be answered with the limited info you posted .

And you can drive it that way as long as you want to but the part is there for a purpose.

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The part isn’t overly expensive, but the labor is going to depend on the car’s engine configuration. You can probably get a pretty good estimate at www.repairpal.com.

Note: Only a portion of of that website provides repair estimates. Make sure you are using that part.

What engine do you have??? V6 or V8 and if V8 which V8???

The knock sensor helps to control your ignition timing…

A malfunctioning knock sensor can cause the PCM to wrongly adjust the ignition timing, resulting in inadequate engine performance. and fuel consumption… The engine may not feel right while driving at high speed or when the vehicle is carrying a light or heavy load.