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2015 BMW 640 Gran Coupe - Scrapes

Front bumper too low and is scraped often. This would not happen if the car was equipped with regular tires, but unfortunately, BMW sells them with the low-profile run flat tires. Car has 18,000 miles.

It is not the low profile tires . Even with 50 or 60 instead of the possible 235 / 18 / 40 that you might have the tire and wheel dimensions will be the same . What that means that if you have higher profile tires installed you would need to have different wheels so the clearance in the wheel well would be the same.

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Yep, not the tires, it’s the design of the air dam.


This is a common problem with cars made on the last 50 years or so. I had a 1984 Pontiac with the same issue. The plastic air dam got so torn up I finally just removed it.

If this only happens when you driving into your driveway, e.g. when crossing the little ditch by the sidewalk, there may be something that can be done about that. Some of my neighbors have reconfigured their driveway entrance, presumably for this same problem. If it is happening during normal road driving, probably just have to live w/it. About the best you can do is make sure the tires are inflated per BMW’s recommendation.