2015 BMW Z4 - Low profiles

Hi, I had my front struts replaced last March, my car has low profile tires and hits the bumps and potholes pretty hard. I just had the car inspected again and a different mechanic now says these struts are worn and leaking badly. What could be wrong with my car that these keep going bad? I am a fairly conservative drive.

Was this ’ mechanic ’ at a place like Firestone or some similar chain type operation ? If so I doubt if you really have a problem. Take the vehicle back to the place that installed the front struts as there should be a warranty.
The low profile tires have nothing to do with struts wearing out sooner.


It was a reputable local shop iAutohaus.

But was this the same place that installed the struts ? As always get a second opinion .

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No, good point. I’ll go back to the dealer.

What’s wrong is that a cabal of about 10 “journalists” at big name magazines want your street car to be a track car. So the BMW designer gives those 10 what they want. And you get a car that is not designed for the real world. Just my $0.02.

You changed struts? So, different strut cartridges and different springs?

The low profile tires are beating the hell out of the struts.


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No, low profile tires do not cause your struts to leak.

The article posted doesn’t disagree with that. The struts are designed for the low profile tires that BMW installed. The shop is blowing smoke.

If the struts are not leaking, they are most likely OK. If they are leaking this early, they were faulty when installed or improperly installed. Either way, if they actually need replacing they should be under a warranty.