2015 bmw 328xi engine light was on bmw replaced radiator now car shakes

At 35 k miles. After driving it on a 1300 mile trip my engine light came on i brought to bmw they said it was radiator and they replaced it and the water pump under warranty. ( if they even did) Since i got it back car shakes. When first start up in fla so its not cold and sometimes at traffic lights. Brought it back to bmw they say all is fine .doesnt seem normal. To me i use high test gas. I gotta drive 1300miles next week and im nervous

If replacing the water pump includes temporarily loosening or removing the timing belt, it’s possible they didn’t get it back together just right and the valve timing is a little out of spec. Anyone know this engine?

I am not convinced the diagnosis of radiator and water pump was correct or complete.

The car is still under power train warranty, right? Make sure to keep all documents on the work done before and after this problem.

I agree. I do. Not think it needed a radiator nor am i convinced they changed it . When i get back to ct i. A few weeks ( 1300 mile drive) i will set up a service for them to check the repair done and ask them to check timing belt as you suggest . It wouldnt affect my drive home would it as far as safety and getting stick
Yes i have my warranty and i have all correspondence documenting concerns since fix

Was the engine overheating; even during your trip?

A coolant loss problem can lead to engine damage. W

No. Engine was fine and light didnt come on till a month after i got here and it happened after parking at a restaurant at night light came on when i started it up and staed on fjr days despite undoing and repkacung gas cap as suggested