Lots of problems!

Hello everyone. I have quite a few problems with my vehicle. It has 209,000 some miles on it, and I recently drove it from the midwest to california with no real problems. I posted a question about my radiator a month ago and lost my password and was unable to thank everyone for there advise and help. But it has since developed into new problems and I want to know where to start, I realize I will probably eventually have to take it to a mechanic but I would like to see if there are smaller things I can fix on my own first.

The radiator has been overheating during long drives and on the highway. There is a leak although I’m having a hard time finding specifically where. The coolant fan is also not kicking on. I’m hoping the fuse I ordered will fix this. And The coolant is dirty - defiantly needs to be flushed. But since it has been overheating I have not ventured out to the store to get all the items needed for a flush.

B. ever since the initial overheating episode (no black smoke came out of anything like that. I was able to resolve it by using a bottle of the temperature lowering additive) The middle of my engine shakes when I have the breaks on. Not when I’m in park or driving at a speed higher than 10 mph. But only when i’m pressing the gas down and when I begin to accelerate. Most recently the car turned it self off when this happened, but only once. Are these problems in some way related? Could this be my water pump - or could I have disturbed another part of the engine when it over heated originally?

thanks everyone

“The middle of my engine shakes when I have the breaks on. Not when I’m in park or driving at a speed higher than 10 mph.”

I’m having a hard time understanding this.
The middle of your engine shakes?
How do you know that it is something in the middle of the engine?
Can you explain this more clearly for us?

Anyway, I am going to guess that this engine has not had much maintenance for a very long time. Additionally, there is likely to be damage to the engine as a result of repeated episodes of overheating.

Until you bring everything (spark plugs, all filters, all fluids, possibly other items such as plug wires, etc) up to date, it will be very difficult to diagnose this–especially from a distance.