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2016 Toyota Highlander - Low battery issues

Battery Low light intermittently comes on. Entire dash board lights bright then dim then bright again. We replaced low power battery. Then issue returned then replaced alternator. Now month later battery light has come on twice in last week. Havent checked the battery voltage yet. Don’t know what’s left to check or replace.

Do that first. You can’t diagnose battery issues if you don’t have a good battery.

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Have your battery and alternator checked (tested) in the car at a parts store.


I don’t know what it is called but I think there may be a fancy battery monitor. I know it needed to be replaced on my 2012 Acura under warranty. I never got any details because they paid for it but I had similar low battery warnings and that took care of it. You’re maybe going to have to have the dealer look at it. If I remember, it wasn’t a necessarily cheap part.