Audi A3 burning oil


Good Morning.
I have just booked my 2006 1.6 audi into a reputable local garage to be taken a look a this week.

The issue I’m having and symptoms are as follows:

Burning oil, almost 3 litres in about 500miles, no leaks
White smoke that turns black if high rev when idle. Hard to tell if it is blue but looks white to me
Smoking after going down/uphill/Accelerating
Yellow Gunge when topping up oil (not on dipstick) i do two 8 mile journeys most days
Spark plug 4 failed a few times last year but has behaved since june/july
MPG slightly down
Not loosing coolant or having to top up and no signs of oil in this

Ive looked around and seen that it could be the seals are worn.

Could anyone suggest anything further this could be or perhaps advise the cost of repair?

The car has done 92k and i really believe there is plenty more life in it but I don’t want to spend £1000s on repairing this.

Any advice would be appreciated.

Thank you

If you are seeing visible smoke at idle, and on deceleration, and using 3L every 500 miles, get rid of it while it still runs and is worth something. Not much very likely but something.

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what do you think it is mate?

its not always at idle, mainly just in the mornings when it starts

I’ve had a lot of VW’s and have the same problem and it was the valve seals. I had a friend who replaced them for me. Expensive at the sealer.

cheers pal, any idea of cost? we talking more than £500 including labour?

If it was just mornings on first start I would say valve seals but, if its using 3L/500 miles I’d have to say the problem is more than just seals. I am leaning towards rings. But if just valve seals do the trick I am willing to be wrong.

If it happens in the mornings when it starts, there is a good chance what you’re seeing is water vapor rather than white smoke.

I have no idea what a repair will cost, especially on the eastern side of the pond, but burning three litres of oil every 500 miles is a lot, so it is likely a mixture of both smoke and water vapor if, indeed, the car isn’t leaking any oil.

I’m afraid the information provided is as much as can be provided without looking at and diagnosing your vehicle. You should take it to a repair shop for a diagnosis and an estimate.

If the yellow gung is on the oil filer cap that indicates that coolant is getting into your oil, most likely through a head gasket breach. @PvtPublic makes a good point about getting rid of the car before you sink too much money into it. If you really love the car and there is no underbody rust you may want to spend $$$ to fix it, but if it were mine I would sell it as is and let the buyer know the issues. A young kid who has time and mechanical skill may love the car.