2014 Toyota Yaris - Won't open with dead battery

Manual key(no remote open/lock). If car battery is dead or absent the liftback won’t open. Is that normal??

If the hatch does not have a key I believe this is normal. If the battery was dead or disconnected I was unable to open the hatches on my 2000 Blazer, 2006 Sienna, and 2013 Equinox.

Ed B.

Thanks for your reply.

My 2014 Yaris hatch back does have a key but it doesn’t “mechanically” unlock the hatch. The Yaris seems to require power for the “finger” operated switch that operates a solenoid to open the hatch.

It just seemed a bit odd, safety wise, that if the battery was dead I’d have no access to the hatch. However, I could in an emergency, access it through the back seat:) If it was the same setup for a car with a “trunk” it could be

a serious safety problem in an emergency.


There may be a pull release on the Inside of the rear hatch. There is on inside the trunk of sedans and coupes.

You will have to crawl in through the back seat and find the emergency pull to release the hatch. I believe it is at the latch mechanism, and that is probably covered by a small plastic cover plate. Remove the cover and feel for a lever that you can pull. That’s how Prius’s work anyway.

It’s the same procedure for many hatchbacks and SUV’s. At least My Forester,Dad’s CR-V,and mom’s prius work the same way.

These days there are just a couple things that have to be beat into our heads. You never run low on gas, lose a key FOB, or let your battery go dead. The consequences can be bad. So check the battery condition a couple times a year and replace it ahead of time (like in 4 years) is suspect.

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