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2015 Avalon - Throttle body service necessary?

Recently took my 2015 Avalon XLE Touring in to the dealer for an oil change. It is a real creampuff. Only has 18,777 miles. Still smells new. The service tech told me I need a “fuel injection and throttle body service” for $169.95. I think he was just reaching for something to sell me. Does it sound reasonable to you?

The price is reasonable and these services are performed daily however there will be no benefit in having these services performed, perhaps when you have 150,000 miles on the car you might need to have the throttle body cleaned.


Yup. Unless your Avalon runs rough, you don’t need this service. You might find an independent shop that will be more attentive to your needs, and not so attentive to the dealership’s needs.

And the OP should reach 150,000 miles in the year 2042, so I agree, nothing to worry about for a while…


Service manager EVER said that to me on a vehicle with so few miles I’d be making one hell of a scene at the dealership. I hate it when mechanics try to sell you these crap services. I’m willing to bet a service like that on a car with that few miles would never be done. They’ll take your car and park it in the back for an hour and then charge you $164. You won’t be able to tell if the service was done because it’ll run exactly the same.

I take these type of recommendations from dealers service writers the same way I take the offer of an extended warranty on a 20 dollar coffee maker from the check out person . Their employment depends on asking the customer the question. It is not fair to the employee but it is a fact of life. I just politely decline .

I DIY clean the throttle body every 50K miles.
If I were paying someone else I’d do it every 100K, or if there’s a problem.
First time I became aware of throttle body cleaning was with my 1988 Accord.
Started presenting high hot idle speed, ~1000 rpm, at ~140K miles.