2014 Toyota Corolla humming noise

i have toyota crolla 2014 1.6GLi
Problem: once the car is in drive mode and RPM reaches from 3000 to 3500RPM weird noise coming, Like Humming Noise or like exhaust leak.
but when the car is in park mode RPM is remain normal when i press acceleration to 3000 to 3500 RPM.

If its an exhaust leak,plug the tailpipe with a rag and listen under the car for unusual noise and watch for fumes coming out along exhaust pipes. .Also,an exhaust heat shield could have come loose and rattle.If its wheel related.lift the front-end of the car and put it on jackstands. .Grap the wheel with both hands at the 6 and 12oclock position and check for play.If play is found,the wheel bearing could be bad.

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The other thing, besides play or roughness in wheel bearings, is that the sound they produce at road speeds varies with the steering - turning the steering wheel a bit vs. going straight ahead. Tire sounds can also vary in that way, but the symptom is more often that of a wheel bearing.