Corolla "roaring" when accelerating?

My wife, who has a much heavier foot than I do, drove my 2009 Corolla over the weekend. At one point she asked why it made a “roaring” sound when she stepped on the accelerator. I was in the car at the time and to me it sounded like it always did if you account for the harder acceleration. She rides with me and knows how the car sounds when I drive it and she hasn’t commented until now so I’m inclined to attribute it to her more “aggressive” driving style. Still, it will be due for an oil change/tire rotation soon so is it worth asking the shop to check the exhaust system or should I just have my hearing checked?

When you now drive it does it sound the same as it always did? If so, she was just ‘winding it out’, taking it to higher rpms than you do.


When you take it in for the oil change and tire rotation, they will almost certainly drive it and let you know if they note something unusual whether you ask for it or not. This would be the case if you take it to a quick lube shop, but I don’t think you would do that.

Pretty much what I thought but I’d think she’d know that? Plus, I’m not a young man and my hearing probably isn’t as good as it was so I’m semi-inclined to give her the benefit of the doubt.

I doubt she did anything wrong, just went to higher rpm’s.

Oh, I never thought she did anything wrong, I was thinking in terms of a preexisting problem with the exhaust system, maybe something I’d gotten used to as it got worse over time. But it doesn’t appear there’s anything to worry about.

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