2008 Subaru Outback - problems after airbag recall

08 subaru outback, took car to dealer for a airbag recall- after dealer finished, problems started. All dash lights came on-tac/mph goes all around, (1U code, 55 or ss codes) pop up. Seems to be a ticking behind steering wheel, Console lights blink off/on, volum on radio goes up/down, low beams burnt out.(3 pair burnt out one after the other)cant drive vechile after dark…No engine light, no codes, battery is new,Altenator checks out fine, i’m out of opions!!!

you should bring it back to the dealer and let them know it started right after they did the recall. they probably pinched a wire.

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Back to the dealer ASAP for anything that appears after a visit. The longer you wait the easier it is for them to deny.

Sounds like the BCM got messed up somehow.


My oh my OP’s car certainly has developed a lot of problems. Advice above is spot on, take it back to the dealer and show them what’s happening. Very good chance they made a mistake of some sort during the air-bag recall work. If so, also very good chance they’ll effect the repair gratis. Of course these problems could be a coincidence, unrelated to the air bag work. In which case less chance of a free repair.

Last summer I was buying a refrigerator at an appliance store, and another customer was there to get a replacement wiring harness for their super-duper-all-the-bells-and whistles appliance. I overheard the conversation:

Customer: We have no way to keep our food cold, we need this repair immediately!

Staff: The wiring harnesses are made in Thailand, and the plant there is shut down temporarily due to a Covid outbreak. But there’s one other plant that makes harnesses for this manufacturer, in China. Unfortunately that plant is tooled up to make a completely different harness.

Customer, sarcastically: Well, at least everything is under control then … lol …