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2014 Subaru Outback - reduced value after repair

Last December my daughters Outback was ‘bumped’ by someone who didn’t stop. The damage was cosmetic and about $2000 to replace the front fender. No big deal. In January I sold my daughters car for her to a friend. Three months later he decided to sell the Outback to buy a truck. The dealer told him since it had been in an accident, according to CarFacts (I think that’s what it’s called), it reduced the book value by about $3000. Seems ridiculous. The panel was replaced, no mechanical damage. If I file a claim for a broken windshield will my brand new windshield decrease my value? I think my friend was suckered. You?

It’s Carfax , and yes the dealer is correct the accident reduced the value . I guess you have two questions the new windshield will have very little effect of value because those things are replaced many times a day every where.

You and the insurance company are the only ones that know that.

A prospective buyer will only know it’s been in an accident, maybe minor, maybe major.

If you were going to buy a used car, and you found 2 identical cars, both selling for the same price, one has been in an accident and repaired, you have no way to know how bad the accident was.

Which car are you going to buy?

Dealers wonder why people hate them, this is a good example. The dealer tried to take advantage of him and was successful. Had he called his bluff the dealer probably would have backed off. If not, your friend could have sold the car elsewhere for what it’s worth.

Cars get in accidents all the time and get repaired all the time. If the repair is done correctly there’s no reduction in value. Anyone buying a used car that’s been repaired can have the car inspected and determine if the repair returned the car to it’s “before collision” condition.