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2018 Subaru Forester - Ignition lock

The ignition steering interlock on our 2018 Subaru Forester locks up and is very difficult to clear. I have to twist the steering wheel with both hands while my wife tries to turn the key. The official Subaru story seems to be “The car is working as designed”. Is there any fix or can the ignition lock be disabled?

Nope, and Nope.

I’d suggest removing your hands from the steering wheel before shutting off the car and not touching it after.

No one will disable the ignition lock plus it might void a part of your warranty. I think you are doing something that causes this . Are you holding on to the wheel or parking hard against a curb ?

I have a '16 Forester, which is the same generation as yours. Mine doesn’t do that. I’ve tested the Forester and never had any test Forester do that.

Are you pushing on the steering wheel when you’re getting out of the car? Does this happen if you turn the key to the “lock” position and then immediately start the car without touching the steering wheel?

This usually happens when someone shuts off the key and as doing so…turns the wheel slightly.

Try as @Mustangman mentioned and leave your hands off the wheel as you turn the key off.


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I’ve had the same thing happen maybe twice with my 2015 Forester but not for some time. Could not duplicate the issue just a few minutes ago.