2014 Subaru Crosstrek - Overheats

I am having the same issue, and I do not want my daughter driving it to college 2 hours away and be stranded.
My Subaru dealer had it for 3 weeks, said they replaced a valve ($2,500) and the engine still overheats. Brought it back, and they saw that it did overheat but could not replicate the issue.
They now have it a third time. It’s been a week, and I still haven’t heard back from them.

I’d like to know what that valve was. BTW, did you just get the cooling system serviced? These are notoriously difficult to bleed and if not bled correctly, they will overheat.


give them a call and ask what is happening with the vehicle, if they found the problem and when it will be done. I hope they dont charge you again being they did not fix it the first time. I dont mind paying for a job as long it is fixed correctly the first time. joe shmoe mechanic can keep throwing parts at a vehicle until its fixed. I would expect better from a dealership.

A Subaru dealership wouldn’t likely fail to bleed the cooling system of air. They know they have to do that whenever repairing the cooling system. My guess is either the pressure cap isn’t working, or there’s a head gasket leak. And I’m leaning toward the second, b/c head gasket leaks can be difficult to diagnose. Sometime they’ll only leak in certain situations. Like only when rapidly accelerating. One idea, ask one of the techs to drive the car up a freeway on ramp, accelerating as fast as possible, while another tech follows from behind looking for white smoke (steam) coming out the tailpipe.

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1st time They found fault in the electric oil pump relief valve.
Removed transmission and replaced pressure relief valve($2,500). Still overheating and was told I need a new transmission(they didn’t charge me this time).
I picked it up today after a week and it was parked behind several cars, I don’t believe they even touched it. Never again will I go to Dulles Subaru Kia in Leesburg, VA. Useless!!

I’d search Yelp and Google for Subaru-specific shops near you, good ones know how to deal with these cars.

Question first. Does this overheating only occur on the highway, during in town driving, short hops/extended driving, etc?

Something about this kind of reeks to me but with details missing it’s impossible to be definitive.
Going from a relief valve to a new transmission after they removed the transmission raises an eyebrow.