2014 Subaru Crosstrek - AC problem

I bought a used 2014 Subaru Cross Trek. The air conditioner quit working soon after I bought it, but I was able to get along without it. I finally took it to a shop. The mechanic told me that 2014-16 Subarus are known to have problematic air conditioner compressors. There is a replacement compressor that fixes the problem. He told me that the cost of the new compressor would be in the $600+ range. I’d like to have the repair done, but I’d like to get Subaru to pay at least part of the cost. How do you recommend I pursue that goal?

You can’t. The vehicle is no longer under warranty even if you were the original owner and AC isn’t a safety related item that would necessitate a recall. Sorry but you’re stuck with the bill.


I would recommend you not waste time pursuing an unreachable goal. You bought a used car, things break.


You can bring it to a dealer and ask. Be prepared for the 99.9% chance that they’ll say no.

The dealer can only do what their corporate overseer, Subaru of America, allows them to do and approving even a partial reimbursement on a used car which you did not buy new and which is out of the warranty period is pretty much a guaranteed no.

And it will cost more than 600 dollars. There’s a new accumulator, refrigerant, flush solvent, labor, sales tax, etc, to be factored in.

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