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2014 Nissan Versa droning from front end

My 2014 Nissan Versa Note has a droning, womp-womp-womp sound coming from the front end wheels area. Just got new tires last week and a front end alignment and it’s still making these loud sounds. Thoughts???

My first guess would have been a tire problem, but alas, with new tires, must be something else. hmmm … well, it could be a front wheel bearing I suppose. Could also be a CV joint or CV boot problem. Check the rear tires for weird tread wear patterns too, just in case the noise is somehow seeming to come from the front, but really from the rear. If I had that problem I’d put the front side on jack-stands and hand rotate the wheels, checking for anything unusual, noises, wobbles, play, etc.

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I’d take it back to the tire shop if you didn’t have this problem before you got new tires.
I have never had a problem, but I have heard of bad tires right off the rack.

Then maybe the guy that did the alignment left something loose.