2014 Nissan NV200 intermittent starting problem

Starting problem on my 2014 NV200 with only 74,000 miles.

My van will start sometimes and other times it will not. Real weird. Engine light will start to blink sometimes and after it quits blinking it will start. Runs very well when it’s starts. Could it be the starter? I had the battery cables off the battery for a day or so because I was cleaning them.
Thanks for the help.

If the check engine light is blinking it indicates a serious problem. Get your van to a mechanic ASAP.

A blinking Check Engine light usually means a major misfire is occurring.

But since the engine isn’t running, that can’t be happening.

Drive the vehicle for a while. There may be computers/modules that may have to go thru a relearn in order for them to start working properly again.