2014 Nissan NV200 Cargo Van electrical problem?

I will try to start my 2014 NV200 Van and it turn over once and then it will go dead. The display lights in dash doesn’t work and radio doesn’t work and turn signals, windshield wipers, power mirror’s don’t work. Headlights do work. No codes to tell you it a electrical problem. Then other times it will start up with no problems. Could this be the ECU?


First thing to check is the battery and the battery connections. Most auto parts stores will do a courtesy check of the electrical system


Clean the battery connections. If that doesn’t solve the problem then make sure power is getting to the main panel under the hood using a test light probe.

This sounds like the same problem you asked about on July 15 2020 . Have you had codes read or had a shop look at this vehicle ?

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I had my battery cables disconnected for more then a day to install my new battery and clean the battery posts. Took it to Nissan dealer and they couldn’t find out why it is doing this. Charge me 144.00 to tell me it had no codes and they think it might the fuel pump but not for sure they said. Dealer wants 800.00 replace fuel pump. It starts and I drive it all over town with no problems but when I turn it off it might not start again. And I have wait 30 minutes or more to restart it.

                                                                                         Thanks for the help.

If the engine won’t start when it is hot I would check the ignition to make sure the plugs are getting spark to them. Have a spare plug with you or some way you can check for spark when the trouble happens. To see if it is a fuel problem have a can of starting fluid with you and spray a small amount of fluid into the air filter if the engine won’t start.

Found out today this problem of mine is the ignition switch because now I push on the key and it will start every time. My key ring has 12 keys on it. Found out Nissan has had problems with there ignition switches having to many keys makes to much weight.


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