2014 Mitsubishi Outlander "Sport" Starter Replacement

Anyone have to change their starter?

It’s buried under intake manifold and would like to know what needs to be removed to make job easy/time efficient as possible

Thanks in advance

Never changed one on a car like this but I might add this.

How certain are you that the starter motor is the problem?
When you turn the key do you get dead silence?
If so, shift into neutral and try to start it. If it cranks over the problem is likely the neutral safety switch; sometimes called a range selector switch.


This might be one of those search the web for videos that show someone doing this . I also think that this might not be a first time project so I would get a ball park price from a local shop .

Thanks for your fast response’s!

Car is cranking hard (109k) with new battery & cables clean. It’s cranked hard for awhile (tens of k’s), and always thought it was due to cheap Mitsu batteries.

My daughter’s 2015 Hyundai Sonata (80k) cranked hard also. I replaced starter due to it not engaging every time. Spins right over now with new starter. It was a real pain to change under intake manifold, but at least I could “see” the starter. I did find a How To video online of Sonata Starter with recommendations of what to remove.

I searched all over the internet & cannot find a “How To” for Sport Starter of that era.

What do you mean by “cranking hard” ?

Starts to crank labored as if battery was low.

Before removing the starter motor disconnect the battery then remove the throttle body and tie it to the side (you shouldn’t need to disconnect the water hoses).