2014 Mercedes-Benz C-Class - Overheated. Now leaks oil

overheating and leaking oil

Care to provide more information?

Sorry to hear that, sounds like you have some work to do.

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Leaking oil…or USING oil? Is there a a small puddle of oil on the floor under the car?

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Or seen creeping down the engine somewhere, on its way to the ground.

A blown head gasket can be involved with both overheating, and with oil leaking out where the head and engine block are joined.

Yes, more info please, if this is a sincere request for help/advice.

Sounds like you need to find a good Euro mechanic… Or at least give us some useful information about the vehicle and what is going on with it…

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Do you open the hood and check fluid levels in between scheduled services . . . ?!

And as the other guys have said, please give us more information

What were you doing when the car overheated?

Driving up a steep hill with 5 people in the car and 5 bags of cement in the trunk?

Did you drive over something which may have damaged your engine oil pan and/or radiator?

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The overheating could be caused by something simple, low of coolant, or cooling system pressure cap. Faulty thermostat common cause too. Ask your shop to check. If nothing wrong w/those, next step is probably a cooling system pressure test. Are the engine compartment fans spinning like crazy when this occurs? I expect most 9 year old cars leak at least a little oil. Suggest to explain more; oil seen on the ground under the car? You have to add oil between oil changes?