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2014 Mazda 3 Bumper Dent

How much would it cost to repair this dent? Would it possible to do it myself? Im confused on what tools are needed to do at-home dent repair and don’t want to cause anymore damage.

Don’t you have full coverage insurance ? Even if your deductible is 500.00 that might be cheaper than a body shop . Since I have no idea of your skill level I can’t say if you can do it or not.

All it is is a piece of plastic that’s caved in, leave it be.

That bumper cover needs to be replaced and painted. I can’t see what is broken under the cover or if you have bent more of the car.

I have no idea if you have the tools and skills to repair this.

Do you know that body shops will give you a free estimate to repair this? Just stop by a collision repair shop or 3 to get estimates.

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It is a $500 deductible yes

That bumper is a $1500 repair at least.

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Bumper covers can be removed with basic tools; 10 mm socket, Phillips screw driver, door panel tool to remove the reusable push-pins and sometimes a Torx screw driver.

Warm the inside of the bumper cover with a heat gun and push the dent out (wear gloves).


You can try using hot water so the dent can be pushed back out.



You can try hot water but using a trouble light to heat it up worked for me. Or you can use a heat gun. You heat up the area and providing you are able to access the back, when it gets warm and pliable (but don’t melt it) push the dent out. It’ll come pretty close to the original contour. A perfect job would require a little sanding, filling and painting after that, but try pushing it out first. It’s just rubberized plastic.

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You can try a paintless dent repair place, I have been happy with their services at a very reasonable price, ask for a quote. My guess $150

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I think @Barkydog has a good “middle of the road” suggestion :+1:

A professional would do it, on the one hand

And it wouldn’t be prohibitively expensive

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Just asking but have you folks actually repaired a dent like that yourself on a rubber bumper? The one I did was easy peasy by heating it up and pushing it back in shape. When I took it to the body shop for an estimate, the owner just told me to do it myself which I did. I have a heat gun now so I’d use that instead of the trouble light but the light worked too.

Yes. I pushed one out on the rear bumper of my 2005 Accord. I stuck my hand inside from below and found that I had access. I got a scrap 2x4, stuck it in on the back of the dent, tapped the 2x4 with a hammer, and it popped out quickly. If I could do it over, I would get a heat gun and soften up the bumper fascia first.

I’ve got a few heat guns

What kind of trouble light are you talking about?

The old school trouble light with the big incandescent bulb behind the grate?


I pushed out a similar dent with only a cheapo Harbor Freight heat gun, an old pair of gloves and half an hour mostly spent wiggling around to get my hand behind the bumper cover to massage it back…

A little rubbing compound on the scrape, some wax and it looked like new and still does 5 years later.

If you’re using a heat gun the key is to take your time, warm up the entire area slowly and gently, front and back, working the plastic back to it’s original shape a little at a time.

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Yes. It gives off heat. Might be old school but still works.

My trouble work at work is LED

I just use it to light up my work area, not heat things up :fire:

Five years ago they replaced our miniature fluorescent portable work lights with LED lamps. The incandescent bulb work lights were removed 20 years ago, they were a fire hazard. I keep a heat gun in my tool box and another at home.

I had to upgrade the bath to 25 amp as the wifes hair dryer was constantly blowing the 15 amp fuse. I think my heat gun puts out more heat but I am not sure.

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The air flow volume for a heat gun is much less than that of a hair drier and much hotter.

My Wagner heat gun on low setting is 700 watts, up to 600 F.
On high; 1400 watts, up to 1100 F.

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