2014 Lincoln MKS - HVAC issue

When I set the temperature on my air conditioner, the system will often take it up to high, which is over 85 degrees. When I try to reset it, it will go back up to high. Sometimes I try to turn it off, and it turns itself back on, going to high. I bought the car used, so it’s out of warranty. How do I fix this? I hope it’s not expensive.

From what you said about the problem it sounds to me you may have more than one issue going on with the AC system. I assume it doesn’t cool things down which most likely means that there is no refrigerant in the system due to a leak somewhere. I think you are just going to let a good shop look things over and see what they say about the problem and what the cost to fix it will be. It most likely isn’t going to be cheap, but hopefully I am wrong about that.

Sounds to me there may be a problem with an in-car temperature sensor or the control head

Could be it just needs a software flash or re-calibration of the actuator motors

But I don’t think you’ll be able to avoid going to a dealer or a reputable shop. I seriously doubt pep boys or anybody of that caliber would be able to get a handle on this

So let’s be crystal clear here . . . this vehicle has automatic climate control, and if you set the temperature to 72 degrees, for example, and push the auto button, the control head will disregard that and try to attain a temperature of “High” or “HI” . . . correct?

When you say “high” you mean high temperature setting, correct?

You’re not talking about the blower speed at all, correct?

Single-zone, dual-zone or three-zone automatic climate control?