2014 Kia Sorento replacement nav gets my state wrong

Have new Navigation card placed in my radio.
I had to replace my radio with another one same make and model, used. Works perfectly except when I input my destination it always reverts to Illinois as the state and I am unable to proceed to place me destination.

You may need to move to Illinois!

Assuming this is a factory unit there might be a way to do a reset of some kind. Check your Owner’s Manual. My TomTom GPS allows you to set a “home” location. I have it set for a nearby police station in case the car is ever stolen so the thief can’t find my house. Failing that, if possible, have the unit replaced, preferably with a new one.

On further reflection, the unit probably isn’t getting a satellite signal and it’s defaulting to the most recent location. My TomTom does that when I first turn it on. Whoever replaced your old nav installed a bad unit.

Maybe if you put in your home for the home button it could help.