2014 Kia Forte - is cold weather killing my battery?

In October 2019 I took my 2014 Kia Forte into Firestone to have them install a new battery. It would seem that cold weather does not do well for the 2014 Forte. Here I am again in December of 2020 the same thing is happening again, car battery goes dead. I have turned everything off inside the car hoping this would keep the battery charged. But it did not. I am taking it back to Kia to have them check it out but I don’t want to be charged for them to tell me what is wrong . Has anyone else had this problem?

Are you driving long enough to charge the battery, especially during this pandemic? If so, the next step is a battery and charging system test, then a parasitic draw test after that.

If this car isn’t under warranty, a good independent mechanic will probably be cheaper than the dealer and more knowledgeable than Firestone.


I may be going out on a limb here, but I think that your 6 year old Kia has most likely passed the 60 month (5 year) limit on the Basic (Bumper-to-Bumper) Warranty. If I am correct, the dealership will charge a diagnostic fee, as they would with all vehicles that are no longer covered by the warranty.

Batteries do go bad unexpectedly and early. It happens.

The battery in my wife’s van died at just under 3 years old with no warning. Luckily it was still within the 3 year warranty, and I walked out of Walmart with a brand new one for no charge.

It seems the first step would be to see if Firestone has a warranty on the battery . And they might be able to check the alternator also . If that doesn’t solve anything then paying the dealer diagnostic fee is next.

While not a fan of franchise places like Firestone some of them can actually repair something .

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I just wanted say this I had the battery that came in the car for 5 years then it in 2019 in the winter time it would not start over and over. So I had a new one installed. So this would be the first replacement of the battery. I bought the car new in 2014 then in 2019 I have to replace the battery inconvenient the least. Now this year I have had to put it on a charger. I am charging it now.

I must say though I don’t drive it much, It has less than 15,000 on it. I would have thought the new battery would have lasted longer.

But then I must say, the charge I did 3 weeks ago I must not have let it charge long enough. This seems to happen in the winter time. I live in Pacific Northwest so it rains a lot and it can get cold( but then I get cold easy).

I am charging it again this time I will make sure the charger show 100%. Not sure it did last time.

I thank you so much for responding to my issue. If have any other ideas please feel free to contact me again.

Thank you for your thoughtfulness,


After the charge just try and take a 30 to 45 minute drive once a week for a while . If that solves the problem you might go 2 weeks between drives. You just don’t drive enough to keep the battery charged it seems.

Fifteen thousand miles in 6 years is enough to kill any battery. Sitting is the worst thing that can happen to a battery as it sulfates every minute it is not being charged.

Another possibility is that the car may have developed a parasitic draw. That means something is running the battery down no matter what you have turned off. That can easily be checked to determine if there is one. However, sometimes finding that draw can be a bit of a chore.

As for not wanting to be charged, good luck with that. Why should they work on it for free? Mechanics work on the flat rate pay system. If you do not get charged they do not get paid one dime.

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I think you misunderstood. I have the car for 6 years the battery that came with the car was 4 years old. The new got is only 1 year ole. But you are right about it setting for a time would not be good. But I am having Kia look at it on Thursday to see what is wrong. The reason for this that the battery is only 1 year old and has a warranty on it so I just want to have t checked out to see there is something else going on. It has been a very good car up until the started a year ago and then new battery stared to do the same thing. It happens only in the winter, do I will see what they have to say. I could take it somewhere else that will check things like alternator and anything electrical. But thank you for your thought I really appreciate it.

That is what my husband has told me that I need to drive more. Lol

Once I can get fully charged as I am doing right now I will be drive t more and more to help with that.

Thanks for your input.


For a replacement you need to go back to Firestone.
But do have a shop check it out. I’d avoid franchises like Firestone.

Once you get a new battery I suggest you charge it overnight once a month.
It would be good to charge at least a couple hours after the charger says 100%.
It takes time to thoroughly charge a car (lead-acid) battery.

Then why doesn’t he take it for a long drive or use it once in a while rather than just let it set.

Hot weather kills batteries…or very very extreme cold (below -30). But normal winter temps we get in the North East actually preserves the battery. Batteries here in NH last 2-3 times longer then batteries do in Florida or Texas. But cold weather will show how weak your battery is.

Once a battery goes completely dead it shortens it’s life. If it keeps doing that then I’d suggest getting a new battery.

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I don’t understand your reluctance to take it to Firestone first. At the minimum they can check your battery and alternator. Whether or not they are sufficiently competent to diagnose and track down parasitic drawn is anybody’s guess.

After that then Kia or an independent shop. Either will charge you a diagnostic fee.

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Purebred’s advice is very good, and I hope that the OP follows it.

Well, He is a big guy and he doesn’t fit in my Kia Forte.

Could there be a power draw when shut down, perhaps a loos connection or something?