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2016 Kia Sorento - Battery issues

My battery keeps going dead and will not start the car. Took it in and had it tested and when you get it started it charges up fast, 14.3. Second time I took it in, I was told I need to drive it daily in the winter, because cold makes it go dead. Third time I was told that my gel battery needed changing. Bought new one, problem continued. Told to buy regular battery. Guess what?! Still a problem.

Something might be drawing battery voltage when the car is sitting. Have to read up on how to test it.
( Off topic, but is there somewhere to watch a topic where I’ll get a notification in my email?)

The question is how often do you drive and how much time do you drive at a time. Many posts have been showing up here lately from people who have battery problems and all they need to do is take a 30 to 45 minute drive more often. If that does not solve it then you will have to have a shop look for something draining your battery.

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