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2014 Kia Forte - Engine written off

my KIA Forte just stalled and it seems the engine is written off. All servicing at Dealership. They dont want to repair.

What do you mean by that? It is broken and un-repairable?

Why not?

Is it possible some mandatory service was not performed? Such as timing belt replacement? If you go in and tell the service writer the car is in for ________, they might not notice certain mandatory items have been received attention.
This is just a general observation.
I know the computer system used by my dealership does NOT have built in reminders. I, unfortunately, do not keep a detailed maintenance history of my cars. Have occasionally had to ask my service writer “have I had XX done?” , she will then pull up my history and we do a search.

Interesting summary. Please give us more to the story.

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Is this a complaint or merely a comment?

This may or may not be an unacceptable outcome.

Is the car out of warranty/extended warranty?

Did you keep all receipts?

What was the nature of the engine problem?

Was it worn out? How many miles on it?

Did the car hit anything?

Was it maintained in accordance with the warranty requirements (while under coverage) and with those listed in the Owner’s Manual?

Was the engine oil checked and replenished at each fuel fill?

Why is the dealer writing it off? What do they say?

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Does “don’t want to repair” mean that they “don’t want to repair it for free”…

So many questions, so little information provided…

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Well, to be fair, the OP never really asked any questions, only made statements. Frankly, I have a hard time finding any implied questions either…

I was referring to the questions that several forum members asked, because of the paucity of information provided by the OP.

That’s what I noticed earlier. We can’t really answer a non-question.

Obviously. The point is, people are asking questions of the OP when that person never really asked anything in the first place. Many times you can infer a question but I struggle with this one…too many possibilities. If people posting questions aren’t willing to invest the time needed to formulate a question, I’m not wasting time trying to coax one out…

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90% of our time replying is wasted.

You got that right. I don’t know where all these one line questions are coming from all of a sudden but yeah, most aren’t around here anymore to clarify the issue or read the responses so it’s just us talking to each other.

Aren’t these the same engines though that just seem to self-destruct and they have been replacing them?

I’m not sure concerning OP’s 2014 Kia Forte but my 2010 2.4L SX has no timing belt. It has 3 timing chains which are replace as required. “All servicing at Dealership” implies OP may be the original owner. If that is the case and all servicing includes it being performed at required intervals mileage/time and the odometer is under 100,000 miles the engine should be covered under warranty. I’m only offering general information as no actual question was asked and OP appears to have left the building.