2014 Jeep Wrangler - Sometimes hesitates

Hello. I am experiencing a problem when I am at a stop sign and press on the gas to go, my Jeep basically gives up and then regains the strength to go. It doesn’t happen all the time, maybe 4 times a week. Not sure what to do.

do you have a check engine light on or any codes you can post?
possible throttle position sensor starting to go bad,
Symptoms Of A Bad Throttle Position Sensor (onehowto.com)

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Have someone try cleaning the electronic throttle body.

If that doesn’t fix the problem, the problem may be with the accelerator pedal position sensor.


Do you think it’s the transmission in anyway?

Let’s hope not.


A trans service if needed won’t hurt, maybe it will help.

I presume your Jeep has an automatic trans. If so and the trans was the problem you’d probably notice a slipping sensation (where the engine speeds up but the Jeep stays put) and usually some weird noises during accelerations from a stop. Do you notice anything like that?

No I don’t notice any of that… which is weird the dealership is saying it’s the transmission. They said there was burnt oil in the transmission but no debris. There is also no code for the transmission . The engine light was in regards to the gas cap… which is also weird

Check engine lights come on in modern cars if the gas cap is not sealing perfectly . Not unusual at all. It’s part of the federal emissions requirements to turn that light on if the gasoline evap prevention system isn’t working. Even on my30 year old Corolla, although the car’s computer won’t check for it, the state’s emissions testing req’d every 2 years definitely verifies the gas cap is sealing. I always put a tiny film of engine oil on that seal prior to the test so it won’t leak. If the cap tests as faulty, while you’d think just the cap would require replacement — no – the entire emissions test procedure has to be repeated at the car owner’s expense.