A Hesitant Jeep

I’ve got a 96 Jeep Cherokee with the 4 cyl. engine that has some hesitation issues. When driving, there’s occasionally a little hesitation in the mid band acceleration. And, rarely, it’ll start to go, but then seems like it has no power and will buck a little if over-accelerated. when it bucks, the check engine light will flash but not stay on. any help?



a ;ittle more information: i had the ignition coil and plugs and wires replaced, which made it run better but did not fix the problem. the jeep does not have a tempersture gage, only a warning light but it seems to me it may run hot because of how much the gear shifter heats up and how hot the heat is.

If the check-engine light went on, then codes were stored. You need to get those read. Many chain auto-parts places will do that for free.