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2014 Jeep Compass - Possible pot hole issue

I was driving fast and fell into a pot hole and it made a huge noise! I was just wondering if there could be anything wrong? My alignment seems fine and the tire is not popped! Just looking for some peace of mind lol

Only way is to find out for sure is to get it on a lift and have the front end inspected.


I think it’s worth having it checked out. If you’re close to having your next oil change, you could do that now, as your mechanic might charge little or nothing to take a look while it’s already on the lift.

Potholes can certainly cause damage to tires, wheels, suspension components, event the body/frame. So yes, get it looked at.

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Take it to a reputable mechanic. Don’t take it to a tire place. They will tell you everything under the sun is broken from the tire to the suspension pieces even if there is no issue .

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