What else can go wrong?

I took my car to a local garage to have all four tire replaced. All was fine until my phone rang about an hour after I returned home from picking up my 1999 Jeep Grand Cherokee. The owner of the garage called me to tell me that when the mechanic took it out for a test drive after installing the tires, the left rear tire fell off - he apparently forgot to tighten the lug nuts. He towed it back to the garage, assured me he thoroughly inspected the roters, brakes, etc. and promised to fix anything else I notice that resulted from this incident. I have not noticed any noises or pulling - but what other damage could be caused by a tire falling off???

Wounded pride? Do you trust’em or don’tcha?

Carefully check all the bodywork around the left rear tire, including underneath the car. The studs could also possibly be damaged, so you may want to take it to your mechanic, have them remove the wheel and inspect the studs.

Possibly some suspension damage and/or alignment problem depending on how, what, and how hard anything back there hit the pavement.

If the car were mine, I would want it on the alignment rack now rather than finding out a year or so later there’s a problem when it’s noticed the tire is wearing funny.

One would have thought this guy would have noticed right off the bat a wheel was that loose. Symptoms of wandering, knocking/rattling, etc. should have been apparent at some point long before the wheel fell off.
Guess he turned the radio up and motored on.