2014 Jeep Cherokee Traikhawk

Hi there. I’m back. Had a long thread earlier this year that was finally resolved. Really appreciated all the comments.

Three days ago check engine light came on. Been solid ever since. No other issues. Scheduled to take it in this week.

Code: P06DD

Today about three minutes into a short drive, cruise, parking sensors and collision avoidance all lit up as disabled. And it suddenly began driving sluggish (sluggish acceleration, sluggish gear shifting).

After turning off and restarting sluggish is gone and only park sense is still disabled. Check engine still on Ofcourse.


That indicates a problem with oil pressure sensor circuit.

The rest could be a problem with the TIPM.


Thank you for the reply!

I had a leaking oil cooler replaced (twice) most recently this year. Any relation or completely unrelated?


Suggest to discontinue driving the vehicle or even starting the engine until your shop has measured the engine oil pressure using their own shop gauge. Just in case you have an actual low oil pressure problem happening. No need to panic at this point, quite possible the drivetrain computer’s oil pressure measurement is inaccurate, and that’s causing the other issues.

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