P06DE - 2011 Jeep GC Engine Oil Pressure Control Circuit Stuck On

Hello All,
Looking for some assistance on a check engine light code for a 2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited 3.6L V6 Flex-fuel 4WD SUV. The code is “P06DE - Engine Oil Pressure Control Circuit Stuck On”.

The problem started a few months ago where the light would come on after about an hour and a half into a road trip. The light would eventually go away and then reoccur during the next road trip. Lately the light has been coming on and off more regularly and has currently been on for the last week or so straight.

Each time the light comes on I have went to the oil pressure display screen and observed the oil pressure to be 30-40PSI (cannot remember the exact range, but somewhere close to this) cruising at highway speeds and the pressure would jump to about 70PSI when I step on the gas and then come back down once cruising again.

It seems like to oil pressure sensor is functioning ok, maybe its intermittently faulting to cause the check engine light to come on? Each time the light has come on I’ve checked and verified the pressure feedback was ok.

Has anyone else experienced this problem?


From a Jeep forum:
“P06DE … It is the oil pressure sensor, it’s on the back of the oil cooler assembly, you have to take the upper and lower intake manifolds off to get to it. It only takes 30 seconds to change the sensor, but it took me 3 hours just to get to it.”

Here’s a page about it:


Thank for the links circutsmith!

I did see these posts in my prior research and I am not getting the P0520 - Oil Pressure Circuit Fail in combination with the P06DE code that I am getting. These posts say to replace the pressure sensor which appears to be functioning based on seeing the feedback on the screen.

In doing some more research it looks like there may be a solenoid that switches the system between low and high pressure mode. Others also reference the P06DE code as a warning that the system is stuck in high pressure mode. I am wondering if the solenoid is sticking sometimes it stays in high pressure mode after accelerating? I think I’ll try and leave the oil pressure screen up when driving and see if i can catch it and see if the pressure is staying high when is should be low at lower RPMs. Another post mentioned that it switches between high and low around 3500RPM.

There is a software update to address that fault code, check under the hood for PCM update labels to determine if the update may have been performed.

TSB 18-107-16

A small number of customers may experience a Malfunction Indicator Lamp (MIL)
illumination. Upon further investigation the technician may find that the following DTCs
have been set:
• U0140 - Lost Communication With Body Control Module (BCM).
• P0108 - Manifold Absolute Pressure Sensor Circuit High. (Sales Code ERB).
P06DE - Engine Oil Pressure Control Circuit Stuck On. (Sales Code ERB).
• P054A - Cold Start Exhaust Camshaft Position Timing Over-Advanced - Bank 1
Sensor 2. (Sales Code ERB).
• P054C - Cold Start Exhaust Camshaft Position Timing Over-Advanced - Bank 2
Sensor 2. (Sales Code ERB).


Thanks Nevada_545. I think this is worth a try since it probably should be done anyways.

@garygagne hi there, were you able to check if PCM update resolved your issue? I’ve got the same engine in my Dodge Grand Caravan and experience same exact MIL while oil pressure is changing depending on RPM and engine temperature. Thanks in advance for your response!

PS. Just noticed that your post was written three years ago. Sorry for digging up that old topic \-:

It’s ok, @dwarfv_171578. @garygagne may pop up because you tagged him.

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