2014 Hyundai Sonata - Clunker

I have a 2014 Sonata that started a “clunking” noise when going over small bumps or uneven road surfaces. Told sway bars needed replaced and not covered by warranty… should this be something Hyundai should be considering as a recall defect?

NO . it is a wear item . Recalls are usually for safety problems .

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You meant stabilizer bar end links.I go through a set every 4-5 years on my Corolla due to our bad roads.Get the moog brand because they have grease fittings.

Broken sway bar end links or worn sway bar bushings can cause that noise.

I highly doubt you need to replace the sway bar.


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If you have a repair order from the shop, does it say sway bars?

Anyway, the car is five years old, and suspension parts wear out. You could get a second opinion at a different shop. Get it fixed. The problem will only get worse, and could affect other parts, like increased wear on the tires.

Typical wear item, like an alignment