2004 Dodge Grand Cara Van


It figures the warrent on the 2004 Grand Cara Van just expired and now I get a problem.

While drive when I hit small bumps in the road, I can feel and hear a knocking noise on the floor board and stearing wheel. Almost feels like something is bottoming out, but its not. I cant find anything loose under there.

Anyone have any idea what to look for or what could be makeing the noise described on a van with only 30,000 miles?


i had the same thing happen to me.

it sounds like the sway bar links are gone.

it cost me over 400 bucks to have chryco do it, and when i saw the parts they took out i was @#$%^&*. the bars are steel with plastic ends. they cost 119 per, so for 240 i could have done it myself.

but, like you i could’nt find the things on my own.

http://www.trademotion.com/partlocator/index.cfm?action=getLocator&siteid=213764&chapter=DP3040&appSectionid=19&groupid=20127&subgroupid=60955&componentid=0&make=7&model=Town%20%20country&year=2005&graphicID=T040050&callout=15&catalogid=1 i believe this is what you should look for.

then when i am reminded of this part, and see how much i got overcharged at my dealer i am really #$%^& off!


Also possible the problem could be your sway bar bushings. Have had four different Chrysler vans in the past 8-9 years and everyone one of them had bad front sway bar bushings. Even the 2005 Touring which I bought about 21 months ago with about 9k miles. After driving this van several months–sure enought, got this knocking noise you are describing. Took it in under warranty-they replaced both the links and bushings. Before I took it in I checked very carefully myself and discovered that the links were really ok but the bushings were wallowed out. Once I got the van back fron the warranty work it was fine–no knocking!! Good luck.


If it is the bushings usually spraying WD 40 takes care of it for a while )for me it has been 4 months on a 2000). If it is the links then you have to change it in which case I will change the bushings. Are you in a rust belt? If yes I will also check the strut tops, though your car is pretty new.


That sounds like some really good information. Thanks a lot!