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2014 Honda CR-V tires feel out of balance on takeoff

when taking off speed between 20 and 30 miles per hour front wheels bounce like tires are out of balance. your can go on at a higher speed and the car is fine.

Is the steering wheel shaking?What is the mileage on those tires?Did you check your tire pressure recently?

Instead of going on the web why not check tire pressure and air them to correct amount. If the bounce is still there have them balanced and have the tire shop look for any problems at the same time.

Until you verify those things all people can do is guess.

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Have them balanced by a shop which uses a road force balancing machine. Such machines wil detect problems not found with ordinary balancers.

Check around. Last time i used a ‘tire chain’ store to buy new tires. The car rode like there were rocks in all the tires.
They also quoted me $400 for a one axle brake job.
i took it to my ind. mech who re-balanced the tires. Said if they had left all the weights off it probably would have rode better. That’s how far off the balance was. He fixed that and did the brake job. $225 for everything.
He is a TireRack reseller and recommended installer besides being an excellent mechanic in his own right.
i did get a good deal from the first shop on those particular tires, but for the few bucks I saved on that, it was not worth it! + on the road force machine (with somebody who knows how to balance tires :wink: