2008 Honda CR-V balance/bumping issue

At 60 mph + and on a smooth road, this 2008 CR-V presents with what seems to be an out of balance issue. You can feel it bumping when it reaches this speed and beyond. The car just turned 100k, had four new tires about a year and a half ago, but when this began occurring (and it was pulling to one side), the dealership recommended two new front tires due to something they couldn’t pinpoint as to why the tires were wearing as they were. Replacing them fixed the pulling to one side problem but did not correct the bumping problem. The car has never been in an accident or been driven over a curb/bank, etc., is driven by the same person, has always been maintained at the same Honda dealership. It has been to them 3 times is about to go back for the fourth time. I’m wondering from the many mechanics out there if anyone has some suggestions as to what may be going on. I’m not mechanically inclined what-so-ever. Could it be a bearing? An axel problem? Bad replacemen tires?

I’m wondering if it might be a bad axle…but someone would have to figure out which side it is.