2014 Honda CR-V - Jutters

Jutter problem at 30 -40 KM per hour usually going up hill

If your CR-V has automatic trans, could be torque converter shudder. Look up that term on the forum search feature for more info. Link upper right this page.


How many km on the odometer and how often do you change the transmission fluid?

The next time you feel this, slightly step on the brake pedal while driving.

If the jutter stops, it points to the torque converter lock-up clutch shuddering.

They make a product that eliminates clutch shudder.



Normally, I would agree about the advisability of trying that product, but Honda transmissions are notoriously finicky about the type of fluid that is used, and the verbiage on the package seems to advise against using it in a CVT (or, do they only advise against using it in Ford CVTs?) Their wording is not completely clear, IMHO.

Edited to add that the 2014 CR-V does indeed have a conventional 5-speed automatic trans. Honda switched over to a CVT for the 2015 model year.

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