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2014 Honda CR-V - Flutters and gurgles

2 things: 1) I hear a flutter (more breathy than clicky) when I accelerate into 2nd, and sometimes when slowing/coasting to brake. I only hear it in 2nd; it gets faster and goes away (or maybe I can’t hear it?) when I speed up. My mechanic hears it too it but doesn’t know what it is and is not concerned. I’ve had all the scheduled oil and transmission fluid changes. 2) There is a known issue with cam valve, a small leak that, that causes a small gurgling on start-up (it’s more like screech in the cold weather). Mechanic says it should be fixed soon but not urgent.

My questions for you: What could cause the fluttering? Could it be related to the leak? Is my mechanic right not be concerned?

Thank you.

I can’t help much with this, but I will respond to bump your questions to the top. Stay tuned. There are mechanics, Honda owners, and even a genuine Honda mechanic, who hang out here.

Oh, and you may have to answer some questions as part of the process of answering your questions.