2014 Ford Fusion - Shuts off

Engine shuts down if left at idle for 4 to 5 minutes. Will restart when accelerator is depressed while cranking and let off. Acts like it is experiencing fuel starvation. After a few tries, it seems to clear out and perform as normal. There are no symptoms of this when engine is cold. No fault codes preasent.

It sounds like something is sticking and preventing the throttle butterfly valve to get into the correct idle position. It’s a very sensitive gadget, if off even a little from the ideal position could cause an engine to stall. Could be other things, lots of causes for engine stalls, but I wouldn’t guess fuel starvation myself in your case. Air starvation more likely.

Suggest to ask your shop to inspect throttle pedal sensor, throttle-valve actuator mechanism, throttle position sensor. May need to clean the throttle body,

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