2014 Ford fuel delivery problem?

will only run for 3-4 sec after I spray starter fluid into the carberator intake. was parked on the grass for 2-3 weeks… started fine before this time. I have another car that is parked in the grass with the same exact problem… is it the grass? To me it sounds like a fuel delivery problem. What do you think? please help.

Are both vehicles Ford products??
Is there gas in both, you have added some to be certain??
Have you checked ALL (not just a few) the fuses??
Has rodents etc chewed any wires and or fuel lines??
is gas leaking from under the vehicle??

You have fuel. And fuel pressure is good?

?? Confused. The title of your post refers to a 2014 Ford F-100 F150. Isn’t it a fuel injected engine?

If you mean you spray starter fluid into the engine’s air intake path & only then it starts and runs briefly before stalling out, that sounds like a fuel delivery problem. Either fuel pump is faulty or the injectors are not being pulsed. You might try this as an experiement: Turn key to “on” but don’t try to start the engine. After 5 second turn it back to off, wait 5 seconds, then turn it back to on. Do you hear the fuel pump run briefly each time you turn it to “on”? After repeating this sequence 4 or 5 times, does it start and run ok?

I doubt parking on the grass is the problem. That would more likelyincrease the humidity in the engine compartment & cause a loss of spark or weak spark problem. Starter spray wouldn’t usually be of any help for that.

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2009 - 2014 Ford F150 TSB 15-1037

Could be your problem. I had a crank no start on my 2013, this fixed it. I do not remember how much it cost.

Depending on what the other car is, it sounds like rodents have eaten some wires or fuel lines, OR someone stole the gas from both vehicles…

Until the OP, if ever, comes back and answers some question and or gives us much more details, then we are just throwing darts at a dart board and hoping it sticks…

George, I am sure the OP knows very little about a vehicle and just doesn’t know the difference between a carb and fuel injection… Or they just messed up like you saying it is a 2014 Ford F-100 instead of a F-150, we all know what you meant, so no confusion…

Oops … corrected above, thanks for pointing out my mistake.

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